The StFX Athletics Leadership Academy is a program for StFX Athletics to provide comprehensive leadership training and development for StFX student-athletes.  The StFX Athletics Leadership Academy is affiliated with the Janssen Sports Leadership Center.  StFX was the first university in Canada to provide comprehensive leadership development programs for their student-athletes. Read more here

The mission of StFX Athletics Leadership Academy is to create an elite leadership development program that will have a profound impact on StFX student-athletes both as individuals and as team leaders.   The StFX Athletics Leadership Academy strives to challenge, develop and support StFX student-athletes in their quest to become world-class leaders in athletics, academics, and life.

Leadership development programming for student-athletes has three primary areas of focus based on student-athletes’ classification along with their readiness to assume leadership roles.  The groups are:

• Emerging Leaders: This program is designed for a select group of high potential second and third year student-athletes. On occasion first year student-athletes may be a part of this group as well. Through a number of ongoing workshops and interactive exercises, the Emerging Leaders program provides a strong leadership by example foundation for student-athletes to develop into effective leaders.

• Veteran Leaders:  This program is designed for team captains and veteran student-athletes appointed by their head coaches in consultation with the Director of Athletics & Recreation. The program assists student-athletes in developing the skills and knowledge essential to be an effective and vocal leader as they navigate the ongoing challenges and responsibilities of team leadership. The program also provides a connection with a strong group of varsity leaders providing a network to lean on and learn from.         

• Leadership 360:  This program is designed for senior leaders who have successfully completed both Emerging and Veteran Leaders programs.  Leadership 360 focuses on applying leadership skills to positively impact the team, athletic department, campus and community at large.  A significant component of the Leadership 360 program is for each leader to undergo a 360 degree evaluation of their leadership skills.  Leaders compare their self-ratings with anonymous evaluations from teammates and coaches to clearly see their leadership strengths and areas for improvement.  The leaders then create a comprehensive and customized Leadership Development Plan to build upon their strengths and target their areas for improvement.


Leo MacPherson
Director Leadership Academy
Director of Athletics & Recreation 

Angie Kolen
Co-Facilitator Leadership Academy
Asst. Professor, Human Kinetics 

2016-17 LEADERSHIP 360 (3rd year in the program):  

2016-17 VETERAN LEADERS (2nd year in the program):

2016-17 EMERGING LEADERS (1st year in the program):

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Widely considered the nation’s top expert on sports leadership, Jeff Janssen, founder of the Janssen Sports Leadership Center, is a consultant for the StFX Athletics Leadership Academy. He has produced many books, videos, and articles in the field and works with Fortune 500 companies outside of the sports world.

“Great leadership is key to all success”

Mike Babcock, Head Coach Detroit Red Wings


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